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54" x 30" Soft White Minky Dot Baby Blanket Sublimation Blank

54" x 30" Soft White Minky Dot Baby Blanket Sublimation Blank

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Our gorgeous Baby Blanket Blank features white minky dots on one side and a flat, smooth polyester on the other side (the same material we use in our baby gowns!). It is stunningly soft, so it is gentle and snuggly against baby. What a beautiful item to personalize and give as a gift--a true keepsake!

Lightweight, stretchy and perfectly warm, our Baby Minky Dot Blanket sublimation blank is perfect for protecting your little one from prying eyes, sunlight and wind. This White Minky Blanket would work perfectly on a car seats and strollers, too. Wrap your kiddo in buttery soft luxurious material that is not at all scratchy or see-through thanks to its two layers!

  • Generously oversized 54" x 30" unlike the small ones our competitors sell
  • 100% polyester Minky Dot on one side and flat on the other. High Quality!
  • Either side can be sublimated, embroidered or even use HTV vinyl.
  • Warm yet lightweight.

Sublimation Directions:

385-400 degrees for 50-60 seconds. The key is to use Light Pressure to prevent paper edge marks!

  • Lint roll your entire¬†minky blanket that will touch the heat platen (not just the part you are subbing). Lint roll like crazy!
  • Cover your blanket fully with butcher paper
  • Pre-press for 8 seconds to remove excess moisture
  • Do not use a scissor to cut around your artwork--tear it with your fingers instead so it softens the edges. Place your artwork on your cover face down and tape down. (don't forget to mirror your image!). Cover again with butcher paper.
  • Press for 400 degrees for 50 seconds. [Every heat press is different, these are recommendations based on what works for us.)
  • Quickly remove your blanket from the press and give it a reall good shake. Hold the ends and snap it in the air to get the pile to stand up. If necessary, use a lint roller to get the pile to stand further.


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