Flat $4.99 Shipping Under 1 Pound and $6.99 Over 1 Pound --- Free Shipping $99+ --- Sezzle Available


Thank you for shopping with Sublimation Blanks Company! You are supporting a small business in America with hard working employees. YAY!

Payment & Shipping

It's simple! Shipping is $4.99 for orders under 1 pound, $6.99 for orders over 1 pound. If you order over $99, you get free shipping regardless of weight. You pay and we ship within 2-4 business days (excluding holidays and weekends). Typically, we ship same day so you don't have to wait very long. Everything we sell is ready to ship right now so there isn't much of a wait at all. We pack our items into the smallest envelope or box possible to reduce shipping costs and weight. We also try to use recycled shipping boxes whenever available to us. It helps reduce our carbon footprint with less waste.

Every item we mail has a tracking number for you to follow your package in the mail system until delivery. We, of course, can't control the postal delivery service once an item leaves our warehouse. Once an item is shown as "delivered" to your address, we are not responsible for loss or theft. If any package is not designated "delivered," we will do our best to correct the problem, up to and including replacing the products at our expense. We try our hardest to make it right!

Use of Photos & Content

You may NOT use our photos or product descriptions. We take copyright and infringement very seriously, and we search the internet to identify those that break the infringement rules and we do an infringement filing. You can certainly resell our products, but you must use your own photos and descriptions to sell them.

Returns & Refunds

You can return any items you buy within 7 days of receipt, but you will have to pay the return shipping. It also must be in the original packaging and in sellable condition. We will happily refund your purchase price (minus shipping). Contact help@sublimationblankscompany.com for information regarding any returns.

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Your info is safe with us, and we also won't sell your email information to third parties.

No Liabilities

We are not responsible for products that did not sublimate properly for you. Every item we sell has been thoroughly tested to sublimate correctly and they are made specifically for sublimation. We don't sell junk or cheap goods. We don't offer returns or money back because an item failed to sublimate to your liking. Every heat press is different, and temperatures differ. Your pressure, time and process may need to be different to find your personal sweet spot. Sublimation is a lot of trial and error, and we have provide the time/temp that works for us based on the many thousands of items we sublimate annually.

For example, if you don't remove the protective film on our MDF products, we don't assume liability for that. Please read our directions before subbing. Also, every heat press is different, so we assume no responsibility for incorrect heat or pressure settings on your equipment. If any item we sell is damaged, kindly email us at help@sublimationblankscompany.com for replacement.