Thank you for shopping with Sublimation Blanks Company! You are supporting a small business in America with hard working employees. YAY!


It's simple! Shipping is $5.99 for orders under 1 pound, $8.99+ for orders over 1 pound. If you orders at $199, you get free shipping regardless of weight. You pay and we ship within 2-4 business days (excluding holidays and weekends). Typically, we ship same day so you don't have to wait very long. Everything we sell is ready to ship right now so there isn't much of a wait at all. We pack our items into the smallest envelope or box possible to reduce shipping costs and weight. We also try to use recycled shipping boxes whenever available to us. It helps reduce our carbon footprint with less waste. We ship Monday through Friday. 

If you pay for something to be expedited such as priority 2-day, etc. we still need 2-4 business days to process your order. Again, we try to ship 98% of our orders within 24 hours most of the time whenever possible. During the holiday seasons, you can expect items to ship within 2-4 days, so please be patient. Also, we reserve the right to use a different shipper than you select because it may be faster or safer. If you need something by a specific deadline, we suggest you responsibly order early in order to accommodate your timeline.

We cannot ship items of 1 pound or more to a PO BOX via USPS, and you should choose UPS as your shipper. You must have a mailbox/receptacle to receive mail or your package will be returned to us. If this occurs, you will get a refund for your items (minus the shipping).

Every item we mail has a tracking number for you to follow your package in the mail system until delivery. We, of course, can't control the postal delivery service once an item leaves our warehouse. Once an item is shown as "delivered" to your address, we are not responsible for loss or theft. You must go to your local USPS officee or contact the shipper to determine what happened to your package. If any package is not designated "delivered," we will do our best to correct the problem, up to and including replacing the products at our expense. We try our hardest to make it right!

We are not responsible if your package arrives later than you expected. Once a package leaves our hands and is in the hands of the shipper there is little we can do about delays on their end. You should contact them to complain, as there is nothing we can do to increase their speed of shipping. If you are in a crunch and need a product quickly, we suggest you order with enough time so you have a cushion; OR select a faster shipping service (we have several available).

When shipping internationally, we are not responsible for any duties, fees and taxes required by your country. These are taxes charged to you in the country you reside, and it has nothing to do with us. We do not charge taxes unless you live in the state of North Carolina.

Lost/Missing/Stolen Packages

Sometimes, a package can get lost by our shippers. Once it leaves our hands, we cannot control how the shipper delivers it to your destination. If a package is suspected lost, the customer must open a Lost/Missing Mail Search Request with the shipper. After that, we wait 2 weeks for the shipper to see if they can find the package. Typically the packages are found and get moving again. If the package is determined lost by the shipper (and not shown as delivered), we will either refund or replace the items at our cost.

Once a package has been designated as delivered by the shipper, our responsibility is done. First, we suggest you check with your neighbors to see if the package was accidentally delivered to them. Next, we suggest you contact your local post office so that they can GPS the driver of your package to determine its whereabouts. Finally, mail theft is a federal offense and you should file a report with your local police department. We are not responsible for stolen packages or damaged packages. You would need to make a claim with USPS to get a refund.

If your package is damaged during shipping (ripped/torn/etc.) and items are missing, you need to file a claim with the shipper and provide them photo evidence of the damage. You will be refunded by the shipper.

Returns & Refunds

You can return items you buy within 7 days of receipt, but you will have to pay the return shipping. It also must be in the original packaging and in sellable condition. We will happily refund your purchase price (minus shipping). Contact for information regarding any returns. *[*Sublimation paper and drinkware are the only item that cannot be returned, sorry!]


Once an order is placed, you may not cancel it. Please contact us if you have a problem with an order.

Use of Photos & Content

You may NOT use our photos or product descriptions. We take copyright and infringement very seriously, and we search the internet to identify those that break the infringement rules and we do an infringement filing. You can certainly resell our products, but you must use your own photos and descriptions to sell them.

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

Your info is safe with us, and we also won't sell your email information to third parties.

No Liabilities

We are not responsible for products that did not sublimate properly for you. Every item we sell has been thoroughly tested to sublimate correctly and they are made specifically for sublimation. We don't sell junk or cheap goods. We don't offer returns or money back because an item failed to sublimate to your liking. Every heat press is different, and temperatures differ. Your pressure, time and process may need to be different to find your personal sweet spot. Sublimation is a lot of trial and error, and we have provide the time/temp that works for us based on the many thousands of items we sublimate annually.

For example, if you don't remove the protective film on our MDF products, we don't assume liability for that. Please read our directions before subbing. Also, every heat press is different, so we assume no responsibility for incorrect heat or pressure settings on your equipment. If any item we sell is damaged, kindly email us at for replacement. We need a photo of the damage included with your email.