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18" White or Natural Burlap Pillow Cover Sublimation Blank

18" White or Natural Burlap Pillow Cover Sublimation Blank

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Our 18" white or natural color large Square Linen Burlap Pillow Cover is the perfect canvas for your artwork. It is super soft, thick and is lined inside for superior quality. It's double sided, so you can sublimate both sides (use teflon or butcher paper in between the pillow when heat pressing).

  • Actual size is 17.5" x 17.5" size so you can fit an 18" pillow insert inside it or poly-fill.
  • White or natural color available.
  • Hidden zipper
  • 100% polyester linen burlap look that is lined inside
  • High quality and thick

You get just the pillow cover, and you have to insert poly fiberfill or a blank pillow insert.

Directions for sublimation:

  • Lint roll your pillow cover.
  • Place butcher paper or teflon in between pillow to keep them front and back from sticking or fusing together!
  • Cover your pillow cover with a sheet of butcher paper.
  • Pre-press your pillow cover for 8 seconds before you begin to get the moisture out and remove the wrinkles.
  • Mirror your artwork and place it on your pillow cover and tape it down with heat tape.
  • Fully cover your pillow cover with butcher paper.
  • Heat press at 385 degrees for 60 seconds. Light pressure.
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