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License Plate Aluminum Refrigerator Magnet Sublimation Blank. Laserable!

License Plate Aluminum Refrigerator Magnet Sublimation Blank. Laserable!

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Fun! This is a TWO PART Rectangle License Plate Shaped Refrigerator Magnet Sublimation Blank.  You get the sublimation ready 2 1/4" x 4" aluminum license plate and you also get a matching rectangle shape self adhesive magnet you put on AFTER you sublimate.

Why is this better? Many companies will sell you a 1-piece MDF/magnet back combo already attached together. The problem with this is that when you heat a magnet, it loses its strength and can often de-magnetize. We prefer 2 separate parts so you can just easily place your magnet on like a self adhesive sticker AFTER you heat press your square has cooled.

  • 2 1/4" x 4"
  • 2 parts: Sublimation ready aluminum and a self-adhesive magnet you add on after you sublimate
  • Also Laserable!

Directions to sublimate

Temperature: 400F

Time: 35-45 seconds 

Pressure: Medium

Note: Every heat press is different, and we are recommending time/temps that we use here. This may be different for you as every press has its own sweet spot.

  • Print image in reverse
  • Peel protective film from magnet
  • Place your image on the white magnet circle with our clear heat tape
  • Place in heat press with art facing top
  • Press according to the recommended time/temperature/pressure
  • Remove paper immediately after pressing. Be careful it will be HOT!
  • Let cool a few minutes and stick the magnetic layer behind your magnet
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