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Round Distressed Burlap Hat Patch Sublimation Blank with Glue Paper. Raggy

Round Distressed Burlap Hat Patch Sublimation Blank with Glue Paper. Raggy

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You get 1 pack of 10! Choose Natural or Farmhouse White colors! These do not have stitching and have lots of room for your art.

Our round burlap look hat patches for sublimation! These hat patch sublimation blanks feature a ragged distressed edging all around. Can be used on any garment, jacket, backpack, etc. Each one is uniquely different due to the raggy nature.

  • Approx. 3" round
  • Professionally frayed
  • Natural or Farmhouse White colors available
  • You can use our adhesive paper OR fabric glue like E6000
  • Burlap linen that is 100% polyester
  • Includes adhesive glue paper included to heat onto your hat or garment
  • Sublimation ready

Directions for Sublimation
* 400 degrees for 60 seconds

  • Clip the excess strings back if you desire to neaten up your patch or leave as is. Your choice!
  • Lint roll your patch!
  • Cover patch with butcher paper. NEVER put heat directly on your patch or it can melt!
  • Pre-press your patch for 5 or 6 seconds to remove moisture
  • You may have to cut/trim the glue paper to fit neatly behind your patch. Your glue paper has 2 sides--the shiny side is glue and the duller side is the wax paper. Place shiny side up and wax paper side down.
  • Center your patch on top of your glue paper.
  • Place your artwork face down on your patch and use heat tape or spray to keep down. You are forming a layered sandwich of sorts.
  • Use protective butcher paper on top of your artwork/patch
  • Press per temp/time above
  • Remove artwork quickly. Let patch cool.
  • The glue paper is now stuck to your patch. Remove the wax paper backing to expose the other glue side.
  • Place glue adhesive paper behind patch and use an iron or hat press to attach to your hat or garment.
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