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2-sided House Flag Sublimation Blank! 28"x40"

2-sided House Flag Sublimation Blank! 28"x40"

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You can print these in sections! Made from the same awesome material as our smaller garden flags!

We spent a long time trying to find the perfect Sublimation House Flag blank for you! These are double-sided, so you can print on each side. They are super high quality and 100% polyester that gives you colorful results. The material is buttery soft and drapes beautifully. They are 3-ply and lined with blackout material in the center, so you cannot see through them even after they are printed. 28"x40"

These are NOT thin, crinkly or plastick-y in feel. We know you will love this amazing quality sublimation house flag blank. Each one comes in it's own clear poly bag to protect it.

Directions to sublimate:

400 degrees for 60 seconds

  • Lint roll your flag to remove any traces of lint. Repeat! Repeat! Lint is your enemy in sublimation!
  • Pre-press your flag for 6 or 7 seconds to remove any moisture
  • Center up your artwork on your flag, and cover with your blow-out butcher paper
  • Press for 400 degrees at 60 seconds. Add 6-8 seconds if your colors are very dark.
  •  Remove your artwork quickly while your flag is still hot. Be careful!
  •  Repeat for the other side.
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