Why Should You Sell Custom Hat Patches?

Why Should You Sell Custom Hat Patches?

Personalized hat patches have gained popularity because they are inexpensive to buy and so easy to personalize using sublimation, laser engraving, embroidery and screen printing. Hat patches are an easy sell to customers, and can drive sales if they include a hat as well. And, frankly, a naked hat is boring.

There is a lot to like about hat patches as a seller and crafter:

  1. Personalization Speaks to the Masses: Hat patches provide an opportunity for customers to have their hats personalize in a unique way. By attaching patches representing their favorite sports teams, brands, logos, or symbols, people can express their interests, affiliations, and identity. It allows them to make a fashion statement or showcase their support for a particular cause or community.

  2. Collectibles and Memorabilia: Hat patches often represent collectibles or memorabilia that are meaningful to the wearer. They can commemorate specific events, achievements, or milestones. For example, patches from music festivals, sports championships, or military units serve as reminders of memorable experiences or demonstrate a person's association with a particular group or event.

  3. Brand Promotion: Patches featuring brand logos or designs are a popular and inexpensive way for companies to promote their products or services. By attaching patches to hats, businesses can increase brand visibility and recognition, because they act as walking advertisements while the wearers showcase the brands they support or endorse.

  4. Customization and Fashion: Hat patches allow individuals to customize their hats and stand out from the crowd. They provide an opportunity for creative expression, allowing wearers to add unique designs, colors, or patterns to their hats. This customization factor makes hats with patches appealing to those seeking a distinct and personalized fashion accessory.

  5. Nostalgia and Retro Appeal: Hat patches have a nostalgic and retro appeal. They evoke memories of vintage designs, old-school aesthetics, or traditional craftsmanship. Some people are drawn to the nostalgia associated with hat patches, appreciating the timeless and classic vibe they bring to their style.

  6. Hat patches have gained popularity due to their ability to add personalization that can express individuality, commemorate events, promote brands, and tap into the nostalgia and fashion trends of different eras.

Applique patches can be made of real leather, PU leather, and material as well. For sublimation hat patches, your material will need to be either polyester or faux PU leather for best results. The ones sold at www.sublimationblankscompany.com come with a special reheatable glue that can then be stuck to a hat or any garment. They are also washable thanks to their waterproof nature. They are super easy to sublimate, embroidery or laser engrave with any image or wording, too. There is lots of money to be made with customizing hats and patches, so be sure to check them out as a money making opportunity.
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