We Thrive on Repeat Business!

We Thrive on Repeat Business!

We wanted to thank Taisha H. who has re-ordered our fab 3-ply and lined garden flags for her Etsy business. Yay! Check out her design below.

If you sublimate garden flags, you will love the quality of our blank flags. We don't skimp on quality like our competitors. Our 2-sided flags are 3-ply thick and lined in between so you can't see through them. They are buttery soft and have gorgeous drape.

By contrast, our competitors sell sublimation garden flag blanks that are thin, single sided and have a crinkly texture. Eek! No customer wants to receive that. Don't face bad reviews because your garden flag blanks look and feel cheap. If you want to get top dollar for your sublimation garden flags, then buy ours. You won't regret it. Sell your custom garden flags for $18-20 without problems! We do!

Sublimation Blanks Company may not be the cheapest out there, but we can assure you our garden flag sublimation blanks are top notch. We won't skimp on quality just to sell cheap garden flags. We want to sell quality flags that you will be proud to sell or display at your own home.

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