Sublimating a Coffee Mug in a Convection Oven

Sublimating a Coffee Mug in a Convection Oven

We don't sell mugs at Sublimation Blanks Company, but we sure do custom make them for clients all day long. They are a great money maker, after all! In our neck of the woods here in North Carolina, we sell them for $10.99 so the profit is definitely a good one. You might be able to get up up to $12 or more where you live. Ca-ching!

We wanted to share a secret with you on how we make custom sublimation coffee mugs. We don't do them in a pesky mug press--we do them in a convection toaster oven! Yep! It's super easy too. Can you sublimate on a Dollar Tree mug? The answer is--NO! Your mug has to be specially coated for sublimation, and it can't just be an ordinary coffee mug.

Watch this step-by-step video for a tutorial on exactly how to do this process in the easiest way possible. Sublimating a mug in an ordinary convection oven is pure genius, and best of all you can do one, two, three and even four at a time! The key to success is rotating them half way through the cooking time, and using magical silicone mug wraps. This little site even lists where you can buy the necessary tools to sublimate mugs inexpensively.

We hope you give this option a try. Let us know how it goes and show us what you make!

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