Selling Sublimation Garden Flags are a Good Side Hustle

Selling Sublimation Garden Flags are a Good Side Hustle

Sublimation blank garden flags are a super easy way to make money doing sublimation. After customizing one, you can charge $18-$20 and have yourself a fun little side business. Here is one we shipped to a customer in Darlington, SC. She told us she wanted to show off her Mexican heritage with a family name garden flag. She said she wanted bright colors, the background to have a stylized Mexican flag and sunflowers. She was super delighted by our creation.

Garden flags are simple to sublimate and they are very forgiving. Way easier than a shirt, and lots more fun. 400 degrees for 60 seconds is all it takes. Notice how brightly the colors pop on our high quality 2-ply double sided flags.

Buy our fantastic 12"x18" 2-sided sublimation blank garden flags and get your own money making side hustle. Order your sublimation blank garden flags here!

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