Pillow Cover Sublimation Blanks Add a Custom Touch to Any Home Decor

Pillow Cover Sublimation Blanks Add a Custom Touch to Any Home Decor

If you are looking for a truly personalized decorator look that isn't straight out of a big store, then our pillow cover blanks provide you with a custom look that is all YOU.

Sublimation pillow cover blanks are a big seller because they can put on a sofa, chair or on your bed to add some fun charm. We sell loads of blank pillow covers here at www.sublimationblankscompany.com that are 100% polyester so you get awesome color vibrancy when you sublimate them with your heat press. They are so easy to sub, and they have instant impact in your home's surroundings. You can also use vinyl or even embroider them as well.

We've got square and rectangle pillow blanks for sublimation in white, farmhouse tan and even blue. We even have sequined ones that give and room a bit of glittery sparkle! They are zippered, so all you have to do is put a pillow form inside or stuff them with fiber fill. Ours are washable, too.

You can go modern or farmhouse country with your style. Try one of our burlap color blank pillow covers if you are wanting a rustic flair, or a white pillow cover with black piping for a more crisp and clean look.

Sublimation blank pillow covers are a good seller all year because the can feature seasonal and holiday themes. You can commemorate a special date like a wedding, memorialize a loved one or just use a family name for a classic vibe. Customers can easily change them whenever they like and it keeps the sales rolling in.

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