Personalize Dog Bone Sublimation Blank Pet Tags for Cash!

Make money on the side with our Dog Bone shaped Sublimation Blank Pet ID Tags! Our 2-sided dog tags come with a little ring to attach to your pup's collar. Each one can be sublimated on both sides and are easy money makers. Everyone with a pet wants to make sure they get found if lost, so a custom sublimation pet ID tag is a no-brainer, and an easy way to start a small business.

Personalize and sell custom pet ID tags with our blanks. Just press for 400 degrees for 40 seconds on each side and you are done! We even have a template. We sell these for $12 bucks each after customizing. You can too! Perfect to sell on Etsy, EBay or in your local area. Get your sublimation blank dog bone pet ID tags here!

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