Customize Sublimation Earrings for Fun & Profit

Customize Sublimation Earrings for Fun & Profit

Who doesn't love earrings that no one else has?! Personalize your earrings to be unique or match any outfit. Modern, contemporary or traditional--sublimation earring blanks can fit any style. If you own a shop, e-commerce store or sell to family and friends, our sublimation earrings are sure to be a hit. You can sublimate each pair on BOTH SIDES. We have a variety of shapes such as diamond, heart, rectangular, teardrop and leaf.

We sell these in our local gift shop for $10.99 to $12.99 per pair, so the money making opportunity is huge. Each set includes the hanging hardware, too! Let's get subbing!

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The templates are in the photos of each of our items. To answer your other question, after you are done subbing your earring blank, you add the included hardware. Its really easy!

Sublimation Blanks Company

Hello. Do you have the templates for the earrings?


Hi Iā€™m just starting out. On the earrings do you need to take the hardwire off to sub on them? Do they come with a template? Thanks for your help!!


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