Clear Sublimation Heat Tape Eliminates Dreaded Staining

Clear Sublimation Heat Tape Eliminates Dreaded Staining

Clear sublimation heat tape rocks because it won't ruin your projects with yellow stains caused by the copper yellow color heat tape. Sublimation Blanks company sells top quality clear heat tape that leaves behind no residue, stickiness or staining. Not all heat tape is made the same!

Our high temperature tape is perfect for sublimation or vinyl crafting projects because it can withstand temps of up to 420 degrees without a problem. Bad heat tape from Amazon, EBay, etc. may seem like a good deal--but it will cost you dearly after it ruins your tumbler, mug or t-shirt project and has to go in the trash. Stick with out clear heat tape to avoid this issue entirely.

Tinted heat tape can leaves a stain because the color can transfer with the use of higher temperatures. Copper yellow heat tape is the most notorious for leaving marks, especially when you buy it from mediocre suppliers. Don't risk your sublimation projects to colored heat tape--use a high quality clear high temperature heat tape ALWAYS!

We use our clear heat in all our local sublimation jobs because we know it works correctly without staining or leaving behind a gummy, annoying residue. Get our clear heat tape here:


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