Budget Friendly Bright White Laser Paper Is Just as Good as Sublimation Paper

Budget Friendly Bright White Laser Paper Is Just as Good as Sublimation Paper

Here is a dirty little secret exposed: You don't actually need sublimation paper to do sub printing. Regular bright white laser paper gives you the same results. Yep, it's true! We ONLY use bright white laser paper when we print here Sublimation Blanks Company. Don't use standard copy paper--your ream of paper HAS to say BRIGHT WHITE LASER PAPER! Sometimes, the word "premium" may be used as well.

With sublimation printing, there are TWO popular options for transferring images onto various surfaces. One is sublimation paper, and the other is bright white laser paper. While sublimation paper has been traditionally favored for its vibrant and long-lasting results, laser paper has made big advancements in recent years, bridging the gap in terms of quality and versatility. We've tested bright white laser paper vs. sublimation paper brands like A-Sub, and the result we discovered was that they were the same in terms of final print quality. In fact, the laser paper released more ink, than A-Sub did! Don't let any of the big paper manufacturers fool you into thinking you need sub paper.

Let's shed light on why laser paper is now considered just as good as sublimation paper for most sublimation printing applications. We aren't telling lies, hustlers!

Quality of Print

One of the primary worries when comparing laser paper to sublimation paper is the quality of the print. Sublimation paper has been known for producing vibrant colors, making it ideal for certain applications such as printing on soft goods such as t-shirts and pillow covers. However, bright white laser paper has undergone significant advancements in regard to toner and ink technologies, which allows it to achieve comparable print quality. With the right printer settings and suitable paper, your sub printing on bright white laser paper can yield results that rivals sublimation paper.

Cost Effectiveness

Another advantage of laser paper over sublimation paper is its cost-effectiveness. Specialized sublimation papers tend to be more expensive compared to standard bright white laser paper. Sublimation paper without a doubt is pretty pricey. Also, you can get bright white laser paper in your local market without the wait or having it shipped from an online source if you are in a rush. It comes in various sizes, too. Head over to your local office supplies store, and you will find bright white laser paper on the shelves. The cost advantages make laser paper a practical choice for small businesses, hobbyists, and individuals on a budget. Just 100 sheets of sublimation paper can be $25 or more, but a ream of premium laser paper is just about $15 bucks for 500 sheets. Ca-ching!


You can use bright white laser paper on any substrate--hard and soft. It is also less likely to jam in your printer. In our tests, we found that the ink release is the same or even better than sublimation paper. This flexibility makes laser paper a preferred choice for artists, crafters, and individuals looking to personalize various items.

Ease of Use

Bright white laser paper offers a user-friendly printing experience, particularly for those who are not familiar with sublimation printing processes. With laser paper, you can print your desired image onto the paper, and then the transfer process is the same as if you were using sublimation specific paper. You stick your laser paper in your sublimation printer, and print your image with your favorite sub ink brand. This simplicity makes bright white laser paper accessible to a broader audience, allowing more people to experiment with personalization and printing projects at a lower cost.

So, while sublimation paper has long been considered the go-to choice for sub image transfers, bright white laser paper has emerged as a strong contender at a cheaper price that is readily available. The advancements in laser printer technologies and papers making it a worthy alternative in today's sublimation printing landscape.

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