3 Tips to Sublimate MDF Wood Blanks--How to!

3 Tips to Sublimate MDF Wood Blanks--How to!

Sublimation blank MDF is an awesome product because it subs beautifully, is sublimation ready and it's lightweight. It's perfect for items such as our sublimation ornaments, magnets and sublimation earrings. If you've never sublimated MDF before, there are few tricks that will mean success: 
  1. Most sublimation MDF has a clear protective  film on it to keep your blank from getting scratched or dinged. You've got to remember to remove this film by using your fingernail or even the tip of a sharp X-Acto knife to remove it.
  2. When you place your MDF sublimation blank on your heat press, your artwork MUST FACE UP! In most heat presses, the top platen is the one that heats up, and not your bottom one. It's very hard for heat to travel through a dense wood product that is 1/4" thick. It's just too much of a barrier. So, in the case of MDF especially--your blank goes on the bottom and your artwork in always on top!
  3. Sublimation Blanks Company's MDF blanks are always 2-sided (except for our magnets, of course). Do not try to sub artwork on both sides at the same time. We are all for doing things fast, but you can't sub both sides of MDF at the same time because of what we said in point #2. So, be sure to sub one side and then let your blank cool a bit and then go ahead and flip it to sub the other side next.

If you follow these 3 simple steps for MDF sublimation, you are guaranteed to have a great subbed image on MDF wood substrate.

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