20 oz Silicone Tumbler Wraps Are NOT for Full Wrap Designs! WARNING!

20 oz Silicone Tumbler Wraps Are NOT for Full Wrap Designs! WARNING!

You will see this new type of tall silicone tumbler wraps coming out geared toward sublimating 20 ounce tumblers in a convection oven. What the suppliers aren't telling you, is that they are NOT made for designs that go fully around your tumbler.

Sublimation Blanks Company was given the opportunity to test this style wrap to see if they would be a fit for our inventory. We gave them a test run and found a significant issue. This style wrap is meant for a tumbler with a handle, much like our coffee mug wraps are. They are made to put pressure on artwork on the front and sides of a tumbler, but not fully around due to a gap that is created where the clamp meets.

Don't be fooled into buying this type of silicone tumbler wrap if you do artwork that goes 360 degrees around your tumblers. You need shrink wrap do this! If you purchase one of these tumbler wraps, you will find that your tumblers will have a light area running down the area where the wrap clamps together!

Use shrink wrap sleeves if you want artwork to go fully around your tumblers. Don't waste a perfectly good tumbler by using one of these faux wraps because your supplier isn't telling you (or aren't aware!) that they are not made for all over images.

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